Will Power®- On-Site Estate Planning for You, Your Employees and Your Members

Providing Employees or Members With Peace of Mind At No Cost to You

It is the goal of every organization to create an environment in which its employees or members can meaningfully contribute to the company or institution. As part of providing an environment that supports the health and productivity of its people, many organizations now provide a variety of benefits, such as on-campus day care, dry cleaning and banking. Now you can provide on-campus estate planning services for your people with Will Power®.

At Will Power®., headquartered in Peabody, our attorneys travel to corporations and educational organizations throughout Massachusetts to provide employees and members with affordable and comprehensive estate planning packages. At no cost to the organization, this unique business model allows employers to demonstrate true concern for the well-being of each employee within the institution. This translates to higher productivity. Please contact us at one Newbury Street, Peabody,MA or call 1-855-236-9455 (1-855-2DO WILL) to learn more about Will Power®..

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