New Opportunity

Will Power® is currently owned and operated by a legal services organization. In addition to its registered trademark, the organization has owned and operated as a freestanding and independent website and domain name for over 25 years.


The domain name is currently used in connection with the provision of fixed price legal services rendered in the workplace for interested employees of business corporations, universities, non-profit organizations, and any number of commercial, fraternal, service and educational entities. Will Power® was first established in 1984 for the purpose of bringing basic estate planning to the workplace.  At the time, over seventy percent of decedents died without a Will.


Since its founding, Will Power® has provided Wills and Health Care instruments to thousands of individuals and their families.  These individuals took advantage of the opportunity that Will Power® presented to accomplish this important life task at work, without having to shop for an estate planning expert who could easily charge from twice to ten times as much for comparable services.


The owner of Will Power® believes that the domain name is a seminal web name; that the name alone, together with the current or any future website has significant value.  It can be used by another legal services organization.  It can be used by an existing large scale legal services provider or insurer to indicate and market one of its areas of practice and expertise.  It is easily adaptable to any number of self-improvement providers as a masthead and theme for the manner in which their programs are designed to succeed.


The owner has decided to offer the domain name and website for sale at this time.  Since the value is significant, the owner has established a base price of 1.5 million USD.  Any and all interested bidders are invited to express their interest in acquiring by email to We will be responsive to any reasonable offer that recognizes the intrinsic value of this unique name.