Will Power® Three Step Process

We understand that the average employee is busy. Though many people know they should have a will and related documents, there simply isn’t time in the work week to plan for the future. The Will Power® program is a three step process you can use to address this need.

· During an initial lunchtime estate planning seminar, we will provide important estate planning information, answer individual questions and provide attendees with a kit that explains the estate planning process.
· A week later, we will return and conduct individual interviews with interested participants. This will allow us to complete the comprehensive estate planning package and discuss individual estate planning concerns.
· Two weeks later, one of our skilled lawyers will assist you in reviewing, signing, witnessing and notarizing the final estate planning documents.

Through the Will Power® program, we can assist an individual or entire family in planning for their future. We draft estate planning documents (including wills, living wills, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, testamentary trusts) that accurately convey our clients’ needs and wishes at an affordable cost.

This is an easy service for companies to provide for their employees. Please contact us to discuss scheduling an estate planning seminar at your institution.
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